Meet 'Sunshine' - Our New Trainer

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Sunshine has been teaching both Hatha and Vinyasa yoga for over 7 years now. She received her training at the Yoga Vidya Gurukul Academy in Nashik, India in 2009 and has been instructing group and private classes here in Bangkok ever since. 

Sunshine is also certified in AcroYoga and Partner Yoga and is currently an avid competitor in Crossfit. She has devoted her life to improving her students' health, raising their awareness, and helping them experience the power and benefits of yoga.


Her name says it all. Sunshine will bring 'sunshine' to your weary and cloudy days with her bright smile. Not only that, but she will also help you relax your mind and gain back that energy you've put out at the gym, or even at work. A healthy lifestyle isn't just about physical fitness, but it's also about caring for your mental and emotional wellbeing. 




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"Yoga for a Healthy Lifestyle"

- Sunshine

Here's how you could benefit from Yoga classes:


The Yoga for Kids program is designed to improve children’s lives both physically and mentally. Yoga enhances a child’s strength and flexibility and refines both their balance and their coordination. Yoga also helps to develop body awareness and sharpens focus and concentration. These skills have tremendous carryover to a child’s life outside the yoga studio and will help improve performance in both the school classroom and in a child’s athletic pursuits. Our goal is create and fun, enjoyable learning environment where children feel safe and comfortable as they begin to explore the world of yoga.


Our adult classes promise a challenging array of yoga styles - Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Power and Flow. Individual classes are designed to meet the skill level of the student, no matter if they are a beginner or a yogi. Yoga improves a student’s overall health and wellbeing in many ways - increasing physical and cardiovascular strength, improving flexibility and balance, raising awareness and sharpening focus. More importantly, our yoga programs also offer an excellent coping strategy to the stress of the world we live in.

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