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Pau has taken many courses such as the CXWORX, TRX, Grit Series Course, specializing in shaping the perfect "Beach Body." With her many skills,  Pau will motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and transform your mind and body into a more confident version of yourself. 


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Maybe you're wondering why we hired a supermodel?! That's because she's not just a pretty face but a lively, energetic, kick-ass trainer. Her 'Booty Battle' and 'Abs Blaster' group class is great for ladies who want to shape up the abs and ass.

Each class matched with her hand-picked dance music, you ladies are bound to have major fun!

Passionate for fitness and nutrition, Pau will create a unique, challenging and fun workout programme for you, in order for you to reach your best potential. 
Pau's combination of innovating functional exercises and high intensity workouts, ensures she sculpts bodies that are not only strong, but also healthy and balanced.

Follow her on Instagram : @pau_the_trainer

Follow her on Instagram :@pau_the_trainer

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